Oil engineering specialization can be described and defined as the branch of engineering that is concerned with the exploration, extraction, exploration, and production of oil along with natural gases. The mission is to invent ways and reach advanced ways to carry out this process

petroleum engineering one of the most important disciplines of the latest engineering and its branches, Specialized development in oil and gas also enables oil and gas installations and pipeline facilities to geological exploration techniques

The most important skills to be provided in a successful oil engineer:

In order for the student to be successful in his studies and specialization in this field, he must have several things that make him unique in his work such as:

1. He must have Academic qualifications : As if he is an academic distinguished with high skills in mathematics and mathematics, To have a good knowledge of Earth science and physics as well as to possess a high level of English language.

2. He should have Practical skills: He must be a good map reader, Fluent with numbers. Has flexibility in handling, He must have experience in the field of computer use, Adapt to work well within one team.

3. Also must be available Personal capabilities: Qualifies him to solve problems encountered by him, He must have analytical skills for any developments in his work, He can stand the pressure of work so that he prepares himself for hard work if he comes across after graduation, As if his work is in the middle of the desert or the middle of the seas, Also the geological data must be analyzed.

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